A Lost Girl Meets Her Mate. Part 3.

Well that sucked! The last thing I wanted at 18 was a bunch of cops following me around everywhere I go. However, I was smart enough to realize it was the smart thing to do. I told Officer Hadley I would let the officer know. He also gave me a card for the county’s Victim Advocate.

I got out of the car and ran over to where my mom was standing. I gave her a big hug, and she whispered into my ear, “I am so glad you’re ok.”

I smiled and said, “Somebody was watching out for me tonight.”

My boss told me she was glad I was safe. I told them both I wanted to get home and get into the bath tub. I followed my mom in my car back to our home. It was a short drive. She pulled into the driveway, and I pulled in behind her. When I got out of my car, I noticed the wolf sitting on my front porch in the shadows.

My mom said, “I will call animal control, and I think we ought to stay in the car until they get here.”

I looked at my mom and exclaimed, “Don’t you dare!”

I got out of the car, walked up towards the wolf and held out my hand. He licked it and then nuzzled up against me. My mom approached more cautiously and walked up behind me. I said, “Mom this is the animal that saved me back at the store.”

She pointed, “But that is a wolf.”

I said, “Mom, Officer Hadley told me it had to be a dog because there are no wolves around here. Besides, look at how well it is groomed and how well behaved he is. Would a wolf act like that? I want to take him inside.”

My mom reluctantly accepted that he was coming in. I opened the door and stepped into the house. The wolf followed me. I told my mom I was going to take a bath. I walked upstairs and into my room. The wolf followed. I sat down on my bed and took a minute to pet the wolf. He seemed to appreciate it as he wagged his tail. Then I gave him a big hug and said, “Thank you so much for saving me boy.” He wagged his tail again. “I am going to take a bath. You are welcome to sit on my bed while you wait.” I patted the bed hoping he would hop up there, but he just looked at me. I walked towards the bathroom and he followed me.

We got to the bathroom door, and I said, “If you want to watch me take a bath, you can, but I suspect it will be pretty boring for you.” I held the door open, and he stepped in. I followed him and closed the door.

I got my things ready, started the water and began to undress. When I unclasped my bra, I noticed that the wolf seemed to be watching me. I pulled my panties down and he looked up right between my legs. He must have never seen people undress before. I got into the tub and the warm water felt wonderful. I reflected on my day. It wasn’t all bad . I made a new friend. I patted the wolf on the head. He wagged his tail in appreciation again.

My mom knocked on the door, and then she came in. She put the lid down on the toilet and sat down. My mom asked, “Are you going to keep him?”

I replied, “He has to be somebody’s pet. He is too well behaved and too well groomed to not belong to someone, but if it is ok with you, I would like it if we could keep him here until I find his owner.”

My mom looked at me and said, “Normally, I am not real big on pets in the house, but he seems well behaved. I feel safer having him around, and we already know he is protective of you.”

I smiled and said, “Thanks mom.”

She patted me on the knee and said, “We will have to go get him some food tomorrow.” Then she got up and walked out of the room.

I got out of the tub, wrapped a towel around myself and walked to my bedroom. The wolf followed me. I got dressed in my night clothing. I got under the covers, and I looked at the wolf. He looked up at me like he was waiting for my permission to hop into bed with me. I patted on the mattress and said, “I want my hero to sleep with me.”

He hopped up in the bed and came up and licked my face. I petted him for awhile. Then he moved down to the foot of the bed, curled up and went to sleep.

Oddly enough, the near sexual assault made me take stock of my sex life. I didn’t really have one. I was still a virgin, but I had never thought about the possibility of someone taking that from me without my consent. It made me question why I was still holding on to it. I wasn’t a prude, but I found when I was with someone and they wanted to get intimate with me rather than feel connected to them, I felt cold and detached. I didn’t understand how some of my girlfriends found so much joy in sex. The only sexual activity I truly seemed to enjoy was masturbation. Speaking of which, I was having a difficult time sleeping, and I knew I needed to masturbate as that was typically my nightly ritual.

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