Daughter Swap

Eighteen-year-old Kelly and Heidi graduated high school a month ago. They are both looking forward to going away to college They are best friends, next door neighbors and they grew up together. Heidi has fair skin, long blonde hair and horn shaped breasts. Kelly’s skin is darker than her friend’s. She has long brunette hair, full round beasts and her body is curvier than her friend’s. The two girls have a lot in common. When they were both twelve, their fathers had divorced their mothers because they had fallen in love with younger women. They and their moms spend so much time together it almost like they live in the same house as the two girls freely go back and forth between each other’s homes.

At eighteen,they don’t understand why they still have rules and restrictions. They constantly chafe against them. Friday night, they decided, despite their 1 AM curfew, they weren’t going to come home as they had met two hot guys their age, and they both wanted to get fucked. The sex turned out not to be so good as the guys were drunk and all either one of them managed to do was stick it in, take a few strokes and blow their load. Neither Heidi nor Kelly had gotten off and both of their pussies were a sticky mess afterwards. It was 2 AM, and they were on their way home squirming in their seats they were so horny. Neither one of the girls were looking forward to the lecture they were going to get from their moms.

Heidi said, “Let’s go out to the overlook.”

“Why?” Kelly asked.

Heidi replied, “I don’t know about you, but I am still horny. I am so tired of these fucking guys. They spend all night telling us how bad they want us and how hot we are. They fucking can’t even go three minutes.”

Kelly said, “Yeah, after Tommy finished so quickly, his excuse was you are so hot I couldn’t help it.’”

Heidi rolled her eyes as she looked down at her phone. “My fucking mom has been blowing up my phone for the last hour.”

“Yeah, my mom is blowing up my phone too,” Kelly said as she turned off and parked at the overlook.

Heidi asked, “So what difference does it make if we take a half hour to get off?”

Shocked, Kelly asked, “Are you suggesting we masturbate in front of each other?”

“Why not?” Heidi replied. “I mean it is not like we haven’t seen each other naked before.”

The girls had skirts on, so they simply dropped their panties. They both started rubbing their slits. They were having a difficult time focusing on getting off as both felt awkward about their friend being there.

Heidi said, “Sorry, this feels wired. Maybe, if we rubbed each other instead of ourselves, it wouldn’t be so wired?”

“I think maybe we better move into the back seat,” Kelly said.

Kelly crawled between the front seats first and waited for Heidi to join her. As Heidi crawled between the seats her bare ass, and her wet pussy were just a couple of inches in front of Kelly’s face for a few seconds. Kelly got a heavy dose of Heidi’s scent, and it filled her with lust.

As Heidi sat down, Kelly moved her head up close to Heidi’s and tenderly rubbed her hand on her friend’s face. She leaned in and gave her lifelong best friend a long tender kiss. Their tongues danced back and forth in each other’s mouths as their hands wandered over each other’s breasts. After their heads finally parted, Heidi let out a little of sigh of pleasure.

Kelly said, “I know this was your idea, but I am really hot for you. I think since we have gone this far we might as well give each other head.”

Heidi said, “Oh fuck… I never would have thought in a million years, but yeah, I want you too.”

The girls continued to make out, and they started rubbing each other’s slits. There was something so naughty about the idea of licking each other’s freshly fucked pussies that appealed to them. Soon the girl’s worked themselves into a 69, and eagerly licked each and every part of the other’s slit from their assholes up to their clits.

Kelly said, “Oh fuck! I have never had anybody eat my pussy so good.”

Heidi replied, “Fuck yeah! I know what you mean.”

They went at it for a couple of hours and both of them had several orgasms. When it was finally over, they were shocked at how much time had passed, and how neither one of them could seem to get enough. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Heidi asked with a hint of concern, “Are we like lesbians now?”

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