My Girlfriend Gets Off On Humiliating Me

My girlfriend Riley was a normal girl, or so I thought. We had a pretty normal sex life when we dated, but that all changed when she moved in with me. Soon after she moved in, our sex life rapidly went downhill. Silly me, I thought the sex would get better when we didn’t have to sneak around to have it.

When she knew I was horny, she would try and get me to jerk off instead of taking care of me. She started to complain about giving me blowjobs and eventually quit giving them to me altogether. Fucking was suddenly out of the question even though she was on the shot. By the time two months had gone by, our sex life had devolved into me jerking off in front of her while she would masturbate.

The saddest thing was she seemed to hate the thought of my cum landing on her pretty little face or anywhere else on her body. She would always turn away just as I came. For my birthday, she sucked my cock. She made me promise I wouldn’t cum in her mouth, but after two months of not being touched I was on the edge. I blew in her mouth without warning. She ran to the bathroom, spit it out and started brushing her teeth like crazy. Afterwards, she said that she couldn’t stand the taste of my cum, and that it was so gross.

Just when I had about enough, something changed again. She started turning the sexual part of our relationship into some kind of show for her friends. She would frequently have a girlfriend that she knew over at night.

The first time it happened was when she had her girlfriend, Jess, over. Jess was a short redheaded girl that was a little over weight. She had milky white skin with freckles, but her most defining feature was her incredibly huge rack. We were all sitting in the living room when Riley asked, “Jess, you want to see something funny?”

Jess said, “Sure”

Riley said, “Rob is going to jack off for us.”

Jess said, “No way!”

Riley motioned for me to get up from the chair and walk over to the couch where they were sitting. She asked, “Well, do you want to get off?”

I meekly nodded my head yes.

Riley said, “Go on get at it.”

I was horny, and I thought well at least this is something new. I dropped my jeans and boxers. I started pulling on my cock. It wouldn’t get hard because a fully clothed girl I barely knew was watching me.

In a hateful voice full of venom, Riley said, “Look at how pathetic he is! He can’t even get that little thing up with two hot girls sitting here in front of him.”

Jess had a look of shock on her face. I could also tell Riley was watching Jess intently studying her reaction. When Riley saw what she wanted, she said, “You’re a pathetic excuse for a man. Maybe I should get my dildo out, bend you over and fuck you up the ass right here in front of Jess, so she can see what a pathetic little bitch you are.”

Jess looked over at Riley with her mouth agape. I could tell Jess felt sorry for me. Jess started pulling her top off and exposing her massive tits. They were larger than DDs, but I have no idea what size they actually were.

Riley looked on in amazement as Jess took my cock and started stroking it for me with her hand. Jess said, “He just needs a little encouragement. Most guys do.”

I started getting hard almost immediately from the sight of Jess sitting there topless, and the sensation of her hand on my cock. I looked over at Riley as Jess was stroking my cock, and she had a look of smug satisfaction on her face.

Jess continued to stroked me off for a good ten minutes. She said, “Come on Robbie cum. I know you need to cum.”

She was right I did need to cum by somebody else, but it had been so long I was having a hard time getting off. I needed something more than a hand. I looked over at Riley, and she had slid her shorts and panties off. She was masturbating furiously.

Riley told Jess, “You can suck his dick if you want, but I will warn you he will probably cum in your mouth. The pathetic jerk has no control over his little cock.”

Jess looked at me and smiled. She said, “I will swallow. I don’t mind.” She took my cock in her mouth and soon I felt her warm wet mouth envelop me. She started to give me a very good blowjob.
A few minutes later, I looked over at Riley and her finger was on her slit and her hips were bucking back and forth. She was cumming.

I couldn’t take much more and said, “Ah, ah, oh fuck Jess, that feels so good I am going to cum….”

I gave her enough warning, so she didn’t have to take it in the mouth if she didn’t want to, but she did. It was a big load and even though she swallowed most of it, some of it ended running out of the sides of her mouth. She licked my cum off the sides of her mouth with her tongue, and then dropped back down and gave me a final clean up stroke. My dick made a popping sound as it broke the seal of her mouth.
Jess said, “I love the taste of cum.”

Riley said, “Gross!” She pulled her panties and shorts back up.

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