Two Soccer Moms Never Made It Into the Mall.

“Jamie, what is the matter?” Cathy asked while maneuvering her new car through the thick city traffic. “You haven’t said three words since we left home, and you look a little pale.”

Lost in her own thoughts, Jamie didn’t even hear Cathy’s question until she felt her friend give her a jab.

Jamie replied, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I was just thinking about how good we have it going to the mall with our husband’s money. What could be better than that?” Jamie gave a short cackle at her own response, and added “Well, I guess I am a little bit down in the dumps. Billy had to leave the house early today, and I miss him.” They drove in silence for a few more minutes.

Finally, Cathy asked, “You missed out on your morning sex?”

Jamie looked over at her friend and just rolled her eyes before saying, “You are irredeemable, do you know that?”

Cathy mocked hurt feelings and replied, “What are you talking about? All I did was offer a perfectly reasonable opinion based upon how you are acting.”

Jamie was about to attempt to say something snappy but quickly thought better of it realizing that arguing with Cathy was at best a losing proposition. For the next twenty minutes the only sounds in the car were those on the radio. Finally, when she couldn’t stand it another second, Cathy asked softly, “Are you really in pain?”

Since Billy had skipped out on their morning sex session, Jamie’s pussy was absolutely on fire, and in a display of overt sexuality, she silently pulled up her skirt and exposed the bulging lips of her vagina to Cathy and said, “I am in really bad shape. Do you think you could help a girl out?”

With her eyes practically bulging out of her head, Cathy returned her attention back to the road and replied, “Hold on. Babe, we’re almost to the mall. Just wait until I can get us parked, okay?”

With beads of sweat running down her face, Jamie said whispered, “Please hurry, just look at me, I can’t wait much longer.”

The traffic around the mall was nuts, so it took them a full fifteen minutes to negotiate their way into the six story parking garage and to the back row of the fifth floor. As she backed the car into a secluded parking space, Cathy, “Do you always go out without panties or is it just today?”

Jamie muttered, “I just had to leave it open, so I could get my fingers to it. I usually wear panties, but not today.”

Cathy reached over and patted her friend on the leg and replied, “Well don’t you worry about it. Cathy is going to take care of you.”

Jamie smiled and replied, “Thanks, you are a true friend.”

Once they were parked, Cathy turned to face Jamie, and with loving affection, she kissed her softly on the lips and whispered, “So, that mean old husband of yours left you unsatisfied? Well don’t you worry about a thing because I am going to take good care of your pussy.”

After a couple of minutes of kissing, Cathy’s hand slowly made its way up Jamie’s warm thigh until it found her friend’s smoothly shaved pussy. Cathy said, “You are so wet, you must be climbing the walls.”

Jamie gasped as Cathy’s finger probed her slit. She said “That feels so good, please don’t stop.”

As she kissed Jamie on the neck, Cathy whispered, “You like it when I finger bang your pussy? Well, if you like that, you are going to absolutely love what I am going to do next.”

Cathy leaned over and flipped a lever that reclined Jamie’s seat all the way back, almost turning her seat into a bed, and then Cathy got down on the passenger side floorboard and directly in front of Jamie’s wet pussy. She slid her friend’s skirt above her waist, and then she kissed her way up the inside of Jamie’s thighs slowly making her way to Jamie’s pussy. When she was about two inches from Jamie’s pussy, Cathy asked, “What is it you wanted me to do?”

“You are driving me fucking crazy,” Jamie moaned almost incoherently. “Please, hurry up and eat my pussy.”

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